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Horses are my passion. 

I did my first public demonstrations with horses starting in 1985, mostly at jumping competitions. My show inserts consisted of two blocks: acrobatics and freedom dressage. I was lucky enough to have a personal contact with Fredy Knie Senior (deceased 2003) for a long time and was able to learn a lot from the old master in Rapperswil and on the way, but only as a spectator.

In recent years I have had several public demonstrations of freedom training, including my own show in 2014: "Horse AHA".

Parallel to the freedom dressage I was several times with horses long distances. The longest ride took me with two horses within three weeks from Muri AG to the English Channel. Another passion is horse driving, I drive 1- and 2-spännig and also learned to drive four-horse.

In the 80's I founded a club for distance riding, where the goal was not speed, but joy and safety. I developed the combined performance test (KLP), it consisted of a course with obstacles and a distance of 30-80 km, which had to be ridden in an exact time. I served five years as chairman and instructor of the judges.

Over the years, I realized more and more that the horse's trust is THE key to a true friendship. I often ride the horses without reins, without a neck ring and without a whip and "work" with several horses at the same time, but they have different tasks. Since most horse training methods are adapted to a single horse, I had to develop my own system of communication and so the dolphin training method was created.

I treat the horses as I want to be treated. Force is reduced to a minimum. Instead, there is much praise and reward as motivation.

To pass on this knowledge for the benefit of horse and man, that is what I live for!

The uncut demo video

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