Horses are wonderful and sensitive beings.

Since my youth, I have been fascinated by how harmonious living with horses can be when you are willing to be quiet, to listen, to observe and to watch. Harmony, whether in riding, soil work, running or simply in daily dealings with our four-legged friends, is the highest goal for me. What use do all the sporting honours benefit us if we have to fight with our horse every day? It was only when I realized how little it takes to make a horse understand that I really felt comfortable dealing with my own horses and also unknown horses. The horses give us a lot of confidence and interest, which is not so self-evident for an anxious animal. Let us try to do the same!

Unfortunately, I was only allowed to ride for the first time at the age of 12. This has spurred my zeal to learn dealing with horses even more and since that hour I have always tried to spend as much time as possible with our four legged friends as possible. I am fascinated first and foremost by the normal classical dressage. I think that the dressage is there to make a horse under the rider look more beautiful, stronger and better and therefore stay healthy. Thus I have trained with various trainers, be it riding, for driving, in ground work, for circus lessons, double-lengths/long reins as well as horse health and feeding.

For me, energy work as a supplement and in daily handling and training with my horses is of particular importance. I was able to learn a lot from the pioneers, Henry Sandkuhle and Julia Neumeister. From this, the interest in free work with the horses has grown more and more; Free work in the sense of "the horse has the freedom to participate or not". My job is to motivate the horse accordingly and give him security. Only then will it not simply look for the vastness at the next best opportunity, but turn to me as his human being with confidence...

In this way I got to know Dolphin-Horsetraining and find the idea behind this training concept very suitable and helpful. A lot of understanding, feeling and patience is taught for the wonderful being the horse – no matter what level a pair of horses/humans is at. Dolphin-Horsetraining is also riding independently. It is a clearly learnable "language" that can overcome many misunderstandings between man and horse. Try it out and have fun!

My tasks: video coaching, events and administration.