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The swapped classroom: You know it from school: The teacher gives a theory lecture and the gives a task sheet to be done after class. Then it happens at home that you get stuck at a problem with the assigned task and would need the teacher or coach to help you out.

We do it the other way around. You will learn the theory with learning videos before class at home and then have lessons with your horse and a coach(trainer) after you have assimilated the theory.


  • (1)You register on our homepage under Courses for a specific course and you will immediately get access to the corresponding learning content of the course.
  • You'll learn the theory and how to do it at home using learning videos
  • You can watch any video as many times as you like, even in the stable via your smartphone
  • You have zero stress while learning, same for your horse!
  • You can already practice with your horse as soon as you get the theory if you want

Then there are three possibilities for practical training:

  • (2a)You let yourself be coached personally by the hour by having a certified coach (traienr) come to your stable. How often is up to you decide. The minimum is one hour for the course to complete.
  • (2b)Or you can use video coaching. You send in a video from each task, which you can easily build with your mobile phone and receive personal feedback online. Of course, you can also ask questions to your trainer.
  • (2c)Or you can take your horse to the 1-day Dolphin Horseday, where a coach will help you. He doesn't need time to explain the theory and thus has enough time for you and your horse.
    You can assume that you have 1-2 h individual lessons at this event plus you can watch and learn during the training of the other participants.

You have the course forever:

  • (3)The online course is preserved and you can watch the videos again and again when the course is long finished. Maybe one day you will have a new horse....

If you are unsure which of the courses are right for you? Get in touch with info@delfin-horsetraining.ch by mail and get personal advice.

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