Chantal Karrer

What drives me is to realize your dreams!

Horses are for me particularly graceful and sensitive beings. There power and joy of life touch and fascinates me every day and this fascination has followed me for 33 years and does not lessen in intensivity.

It fills me with pride when I manage to gain the trust and friendship of a horse: I have the attitude and the deep need not to jeopardize the trust of the horse through ill-considered or unjust behavior on my part.
Honesty, respect and mutual trust are the three most important ingredients for creating true friendship between a horse and a human being. The horses themselves are absolutely honest, recognize me as what I am in my heart and they reflect me in their behavior.
It took a long time before I arrived at this attitude and conviction. I had many disappointments and setbacks on my way as a horse owner so that I could become "better". My teacher was and is my horse Pseykan, a thoroughbred Arabian, to whom I owe a lot. He taught me that I am not doing right when using pressure and dominance. I am incredibly grateful for that.
At some point I realized that more had to be possible than jumping lessons, dressage lessons or long rides. My pictures, wishes and ideas, how I gallop over a pasture with a horse without saddle and bridle, how it stays with me without a halter and can be one with him... seemed unattainable to me. I started to attend many courses and to follow other "trainers" at work, to gain more experience and get closer to my dream.
With Pat Parelli, Honza Blaha, Linda Parelli, Gert Heuschmann, Arien Agilar, Jean Francoise Pignon, Frederik Pignon, Kenzi Dysli, Susanne Lohas courses, lessons with Nick Muntwyler, courses with Christoph Hasta Luego, feeding course, horse fit feeding and private training sessions with Reto Gfeller, who has initiated the dolphin training, I was able to continue to improve. Kaum eine Veranstaltung, Pferdevorführung oder Messe habe ich ausgelassen um mich zu entwickeln.

But what taught me most was the horses themselves and a reflection of myself. I work my horses almost exclusively with open paddock, so they have the opportunity to leave if it's not right for them. This helped me the most that the horses like to stay with me voluntarily.

In my free time, I give private lessons and courses for people who like to work on themselves, so that the communication between them and their horse is better.

I try to give other perspectives so that you like to be with your horse and feel safe with and the horse also likes to be with you. It is a passion and I'm happy about every little step you take with your horse.

Chantal is a certified coach for dolphin training for all courses in whole Switzerland.