You cannot tie dolphins; you have to win them over. You train them completely without pressure, only with praise and reward, otherwise they just dive away. Horses also want to be trained like this!

The only difference to dolphins is that humans must earn the horses respect and establish a leadership over the horse.

We talk to the horses and we praise and reward them consistently. Each task, even if some pressure is required, ends with praise and usually with an additional reward.

While in the wild the foraging takes a lot of time and puts demands mentally and physically on the horse, this is not the case for our domestically kept horses. They have more free time and less exercise than their wild counterparts. In order to compensate for this and to guarantee the physical and mental fitness of the animals, a sensible and positive activity for the horses is required. For this purpose, freedom training and a balanced fitness training is used. Freedom training gives the horse an escape from the boredom of everyday life.

The following description of the Delfinarium Duisburg explains how dolphins are trained:

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